Endless Opportunities for Your Apps

Order fulfilment, customer communication, accounting, photo editing, alternative sales channels - Volusion merchants are constantly seeking useful apps for their stores. Chances are, our merchants are looking for an app just like yours.


Expand your reach by allowing Volusion merchants to source and sell your products.


Many entrepreneurs would love to supplement their own product catalog with additional products, or offer sourced products entirely. These merchants are also looking for new products to feature as a way to increase opportunities to net a profit. Because of this, merchants want more ways they can integrate with dropshipping and product sourcing services.

An integration with a service providing dropshipping capabilities would benefit all involved. Merchants would be able to expand their product offering with limited required inventory while dropshipping partners would continually have the ability to expand their reach by utilizing Volusion merchants as authorized vendors.

ActionAPI Request
Get store informationGET /app/storeinformation
Interact with product catalogGET /app/store/admin/products
Create productsPOST /app/store/admin/products
Add and update detailsPUT /app/store/admin/products/{id}
Remove products from catalogDELETE /app/store/admin/products/{id}
Webhook when a new order comes inGET /app/webhooks
Read from existing ordersGET /app/store/admin/orders
Update order detailsPUT /app/store/admin/orders/{id}


Merchants have different shipping workflows and varying needs for order fulfillment and tracking services.


As our merchants scale their businesses, order fulfillment becomes a challenge. Many of our merchants want a service that will manage their order fulfillment process so they can focus on marketing and sales.

Point of Sale

Brick-and-mortar businesses, food trucks, event booths and traveling merchants alike have a need to collect payment in-person.


In addition to their online presence, Volusion merchants require face-to-face customer checkout capabilities that automatically sync order and inventory information with their ecommerce store.

Alternative Sales Channel

Monetize your existing user base by allowing Volusion merchants privileged access.


Volusion merchants are continually seeking ways to get their products in front of more potential customers. However, traditional marketing methods come at a cost and oftentimes produce little to no return.

An integration with a service providing access to a hyper-targeted user base at a minimal cost would benefit all. Merchants would be able to expose their products to ideal customers while channel owners would be able to profit from allowing said merchants access to their users.

Photo Editing

Allow merchants to utilize your photo editing and transformation app to get the best possible product photos for their ecommerce store.


Beautiful high-quality images are critical to converting visits to sales. Merchants are eager to leverage integrations that allow them to optimize product images right within their administrative interface.

Accounting / Tax Reporting

Reach thousands of small businesses in need of tax, financial and accounting tools or services.


Many small business operators are in need of financial expertise and guidance. Larger merchants also desire integrations with bookkeeping and tax reporting software.

Financial and accounting software partners have an opportunity to remove this pain for merchants small and large by offering a comprehensive solution that integrates with Volusion stores.